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Look no further, my fellow #BizSister! Because today I'm sharing the EXACT templates I've used to create, launch and host my own challenges. So that you can be ready to share it with the world in days instead of months. No design experience required.
I've been exactly where you are RIGHT now.
You've spent years getting the best qualifications, designing your website, choosing the perfect logo and putting together everything you need to make your brand look ah-mazing. But even after spending all that time and money, you still don't have enough clients to fill all the spots in your programs and services. And the worst part? That email list you've been trying soooo hard to grow? Still crickets. 

That my friend, is why it's time for you to host an online challenge. Seriously. It's one of the easiest, quickest and most enjoyable things I've ever done to finally turn those instagram followers into high paying clients. Sounds, amazing right? I know. Which is why I created these templates, so you can do it too (..without hiring a designer!)
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
Everything you'll EVER need to host A 21 Day challenge To Grow Your List, Share Your Message & Make A Bigger Impact In the World!
This is PERFECT for you if you're Ready to Create Your Own SIGNATURE CHALLENGE without The Stress!
Step 1: Choose Your Challenge Topic and Daily Themes
Step 2: Customize Your Challenge Templates to Match Your Branding
Step 3: Add Your Challenge Content and Share It With The World!
Seriously, though...
Imagine Having Your Own Secret Stash of DESIGNER TEMPLATES To Launch Your Next Challenge In Just a Few Days...
So that you can start posting, sharing and hosting your challenge next week instead of spending the next few months struggling to make all of the graphics, headers, social media posts, downloadable guides, group images and yet, STILL not feel confident enough to share them with those who need them the most!
want to know what's included?
aka everything you need to create, share & host your challenge
21 Day Challenge Guide
Challenge Template #1
Just because your challengers live all over the world, doesn't mean that you can't give them something worth sharing! This simple-to-use template allows you to create your own custom 72-page printable guidebook in minutes. Just add your own content, colours and branding. Includes introduction, challenges, worksheets and more!
FB Group Header & Welcome Post
Challenge Template #2
One of the best part's of hosting challenges? The community you create! Just imagine being able to fill your tribe with like-minded members who will be able to share their realizations, ah-ha moments and insights. These templates will allow you to match your group to the rest of your challenge branding so you look like a total pro. 
21 Daily Share Posts
Challenge Template #3 
What if your challenge could attract people who aren’t even on your list yet? Like, you share your posts, encourage your participants to share them as well…and then you can't help but attract more people who can’t wait to sign up! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well, these templates are exactly what you need to do just that. You’re welcome. ;)

Enrolment Posts x 3
Challenge Template #4
These templates give you the ability to promote your challenge without looking tacky or totally last minute. These 3 promo posts can be customized to match your brand and grow your list. Just remember to include a link to your sign up page in the description and you’re ready to share!
Email Header Graphics x 2
Challenge Template #5 
It doesn’t matter what software you use. Mailchimp, Constant Contact or something else. But if you want people to really take your challenge seriously (and trust you!) then it makes a BIG difference when you brand your emails to truly match your challenge. These templates will give you two different options to do just that!
21 Affirmation Cards
Challenge Template #6 
I’ve always loved a good mantra. I mean, who wouldn’t? Luckily, these 100% customizable card templates aren’t just easy to edit..they also come with 21 pre-written affirmations! So all you need to do is add in your own fonts, colour and photos. And if you want to add your own? It will only take a couple clicks and they'll be ready to go!
seriously...this is What you get!
+ this is what you can create!
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21 Day Challenge 
Printable Guide
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21 Day Challenge Group Headers x 2
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- Canva Template - 
21 Day Challenge 
Email Headers x 2
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- Canva Template - 
21 Day Challenge 
Share Posts x 21
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- Canva Template - 
21 Day Challenge 
Enrolment Posts x 3 
($27 Value)
- Canva Template - 
21 Day Challenge Affirmation Cards x 21
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Total Savings: Over $300!
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